Searching for a franchise company involves hundreds of intricate considerations, and it’s a decision that requires enormous thought and analysis. While it’s too simplistic to say that there is a definitive set of attributes that makes a company a good fit for you, there are certain characteristics that many of the best franchise businesses exhibit on a daily basis.

They prioritize effective communication

One of the most astute things you can do during your franchise search is paying close attention to the communication habits of the various franchise representatives that you interview with. The tendencies they display during this phase are likely to continue should you move forward with the relationship, so think about how you want your prospective business partner to communicate.

Are they prompt with responses and forthcoming in terms of detail, or do they make you work hard to get any little snippet of information? Do they help you find the answers you are looking for, or do they leave you flailing in the wind to figure things out on your own? Successful franchise companies understand that effective communication is a crucial part of their organizational foundation.

They maintain integrity in all interactions

Integrity means so many different things in business. It means that the corporate representatives don’t have anything to hide. It indicates that when things get difficult, they won’t go looking for a quick, and possibly legally dubious, fix. It means that the company has actual value to provide and that it isn’t interested in duping people out of their money or time. It shows that the franchisor treats all of the people involved in the business, including the employees, customers, vendor partners, and franchises as human beings.

They look for long-term partners

Not every endeavor is going to work out, of course, but one thing that sets high-quality franchise companies apart is that the look for franchisees they can build long-term partnerships with. These are the kinds of franchise owners who become even more invested in the company ecosystem over time, and continually educate themselves about the company’s values and culture. A successful franchisor prizes these types of relationships with their franchisees and looks for partners they can trust to help grow the business.

They have stable leadership at the top

Maintaining stable leadership doesn’t equate with having the exact same executive team together for a certain number of years. New opportunities are going to arise and people will inevitably want to pursue them. What it does mean, is that the company should largely be free of organizational turmoil surrounding leadership changes. No business is perfect, and sometimes mistakes happen that need to be rectified. But what should trouble you is noticing a defined pattern of instability in the highest echelons of the company.

They value their customers

You can generally view a company’s ethos towards its customers as a microcosm of its relationships in general. If the company culture is built around disdain for the customer, then this feeling will infiltrate other areas of the business as well. On the other hand, if respect and value for the relationship between the customer and brand are built into the company’s fabric, then it’s likely that they approach every relationship with this same level of respect and decency.

Next Steps

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