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Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting Franchise Spotlight

Five Star Painting is a franchising company offering residential and commercial building painting services. Whether you already have an independent home painting business or you’re completely new to the service, investing in a Five Star Painting franchise will allow you to leverage your management and customer service skills and grow revenue all with the backing of a trusted brand.

Franchise History

Five Star Painting began, as so many successful companies do, as the dream of a group of friends who wanted to take control of their financial futures. The company was initially founded in 2002, and it quickly made the transition to a franchise-based model in 2005.

Home painting franchises are typically attractive for potential owners because of the relatively low barriers to entry required. The list of necessary supplies is limited, and you don’t need to maintain an expensive storefront in order to compete in the market. Additionally, the residential and commercial painting market offers excellent opportunities for steady revenue. Natural elements and aesthetic evolutions are always driving home and business owners to repaint, and customers are likely to be loyal to a company that delivers on the promise of outstanding service.

Investment Range

The average investment range for a Five Star Painting franchise is very reasonable. Most owners will be expected to invest anywhere from $61,600 to $136,150, depending upon the territory in question, the amount of any existing business you have established, start-up costs, and other factors. Potential franchisees will be required to have anywhere from $25,450 to $55,125 available as liquid assets, but there is no net worth requirement beyond this figure.

Typical Start-up Costs and Franchise Fees

There are several fees that will be assessed as a franchise owner of Five Star Painting, including:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: Between 5% and 7%
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 2%

Additional startup costs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and your Franchise Developer will work with you to determine the estimated amount of your startup costs. If you are a military veteran, be sure to ask you Franchise Developer about qualifying for the 15% discount off the initial franchise fee offered through the VetFran program.

Upon investing in a Five Star Painting Franchise, you have access to a trusted brand presence that will allow you to forge a relationship with your clients, innovative management and logistical systems that will help you operate your business with efficiency, and wholesale distribution of high-quality equipment and parts. You’ll also go through a fully-developed training program so that you will be ready to hit the ground running and begin your operations quickly.

Facts and Figures

There are many compelling reasons to open a Five Star Painting franchise that go beyond the affordable costs and brand attractiveness. The home and commercial painting service is a booming industry that has a lot to offer potential franchise owners. Some reasons why you should consider entering the industry as a Five Start Painting franchise owner include:

  • Entry into a $48 billion per year industry
  • Joining a network of over 150 Five Star Painting franchises worldwide
  • Five Star Painting has achieved 8% annual growth in the previous five years
  • Entrepreneur ranked Five Star Painting as a top 500 franchise for 2017

Next Steps

If you’re considering a franchise investment or just have questions, feel free to contact one of our franchise specialists to learn more about the process and all the different franchise opportunities by completing our request form or calling 1-877-650-5551.


Painting Franchise

Painting Franchises Have Lower Investment Costs

Many aspiring business owners are wary of franchises because they assume the startup costs will take too long to recoup. While franchise costs do vary wildly depending upon the type of industry and reputation of the brand, there are many franchises that can be purchased for a modest investment. Residential painting franchises are a perfect example, as they often come with franchise fees and materials costs on the lower end of the spectrum.

Enjoy reasonable investment costs

In general, the initial investment costs and franchise fees for opening a franchise are dependent upon the resources and recognition provided by the parent brand. Take a famous, fast-casual restaurant concept, for example. When you buy into one of these franchises, you will often have access to patented cooking, preparation, and assembly procedures, receive specialized equipment and training materials, and instantly have the power of a nationally- or globally-recognized brand behind your business.

Naturally, these kinds of resources are usually going to cost more than what is required for a modest painting franchise. These kinds of service franchises typically don’t spend as much on advertising their brand, and they don’t require complicated tools or procedures for their processes. These savings, in turn, get passed on to the franchisees.

Get started with equipment and overhead

The relatively low barriers to entry for residential painting franchises also include costs for equipment, supplies, and overhead. Most of the equipment you’ll need to operate a successful painting franchise is non-technical and inexpensive, including items such as brushes, sprayers, ladders, and rope. And, your customers will be paying for the paint itself in addition to the service.

Also, you will have an opportunity to grow your company early in its life, partially thanks to low overhead costs. Owning a painting franchise doesn’t require you to keep an office for clients to visit in an expensive neighborhood in town, or maintain large spaces for inventory management.

Succeed by leveraging a variety of skills

One of the first things you’ll learn about running a painting franchise business is that the painting itself is only one skill you’ll need to have in order to exceed your customers’ expectations. You also need to use your well-developed people skills, both to understand what your clients are looking for, and to manage your roster of employees or contractors. It’s also crucial to have excellent attention to detail because it’s all in the details when it comes to residential painting work.

Nurture relationships that can last for years

Many customers search for a long time to find service businesses that they can count on to perform excellent work over and over again. As the owner of a painting franchise, you will be in the position to provide them with the valuable benefit, and you can often create business relationships that last for many years.

Reputable service franchise owners are important figures in the local community, both as employers and as important resources for residential and commercial property owners in the area. By investing in a franchise, you can support your community, and exploit your skills for your financial future at the same time.

Next Steps

If you’re considering a franchise investment or just have questions, feel free to contact one of our franchise specialists to learn more about the process and all the different franchise opportunities by completing our request form or calling 1-877-650-5551.


Leading Residential Painting Franchises

Thanks to the popularity of home flipping and home décor shows on television and a resurgence in interest in décor and renovation, painting franchises are hotter than ever. Targeting the popular and growing painting and wall covering market which generates over 140 billion in revenues, a painting franchise provides paintwork services for residential customers. Since this work is performed indoors, it is equally at home in both cold and warm weather locations. You do not have to be a painter or even a home professional of any type to succeed with a painting franchise; you can hire a team to do the actual painting while you focus on running your business.


Five-Star-PaintingFive Star Painting

This Top 500 Franchise (as ranked by Entrepreneur) provides business owners and investors with the skills and tools they need to succeed in a growing and popular field. Five Star Painting offers a unique business model with a focus on sustainability and profit and the proprietary tools you need to get up and running fast. Unsurpassed training with the company’s unique Sure Start model allows you to get started swiftly and comprehensively covers all aspects of running your business; you’ll also have a dedicated Franchise Consultant on hand to help for your first year.

With a nationally recognized name and a protected territory, Five Star’s marketing efforts place them ahead of the pack when it comes to creating strategies and support for your business. A top web presence, national website support, and engaging social media presence ensure your location is easy to find and a comprehensive media and marketing plan keeps franchisees busy year-round.

Five Star is an established franchisor with almost a hundred units in operation. A  fully developed training program, nationwide marketing, and comprehensive training is included; this opportunity also offers financing support.


freshcoatFresh Coat Painters

Fresh Coat focuses on the business of painting; part of their franchise model includes full training for you and your team. You’ll learn how to find and train the best painters and how to market your business right in your hometown. A low-cost, high margin franchise opportunity, Fresh Coat aims to help customers get a look they’ll love at a price they can afford. With extensive marketing support, high-level training and a focus on the business side of things, this opportunity partners with nationally recognized brands like Sherwin-Williams and provides proprietary software and more to get you up and running quickly.


wowWow! 1 Day Painting

Brought to you by the same team that created the “Got Junk” business, Wow! 1 Day Painting provides complete home makeovers in a single day. Ideal for HGTV junkies and those who need a fast fix, this franchise focuses on providing instant gratification for homeowners.

With a unique sales hook, a constant flow of energy and innovative marketing campaigns, this British Columbia-based franchise aims to make a mark in North America. Wow! 1 Day Painting has a fresh and invigorating approach to marketing and the support of an experienced and successful leadership team.


certaproCertaPro Painters

With over 25 years of experience, this established brand has name recognition and low-risk appeal. Brought to you by the same company that also franchises California Closet and other home-related companies, this brand features opportunities in both the United States and Canada. While this is a low risk, high profit opportunity, it is more expensive to start than most other popular painting franchises. The long history of this established brand is appealing for those seeking a low-risk opportunity.


Next Steps

If you’re considering a franchise investment or just have questions, feel free to contact one of our franchise specialists to learn more about the process and all the different franchise opportunities by completing our request form or calling 1-877-650-5551.