Opening a franchise is the beginning of an educational journey, and it’s the responsibility of the franchise owner to learn as much as possible about their business, their market, and their customers in order to maximize their chances of success. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the process alone. Your franchise company will usually provide help in the form of training opportunities and other support structures, but it’s crucial to know what you’re going to receive before you sign an agreement.

What does the initial training period entail?

Almost every franchisee’s journey with the company will begin with an initial training period. Typically, these sessions are conducted at company headquarters, or at “corporate university” or training campus if the business is large enough.

But while every franchisee is likely to undergo some type of structured training, the length, intensity, and experience can vary wildly depending upon the company in question. It could be anywhere from a day spent reviewing manuals to a month of intensive hands-on experience with operational techniques. It’s important to ask your franchise representative to explain the processes in detail so that you can decide whether or not the training program is sufficient for your needs.

What sort of training and support opportunities exist beyond the initial period?

While the initial training period is designed to put you on firm footing as you open your franchise location, it shouldn’t be the end of your education with the franchise. Ideally, you will receive ongoing training and support as a valued franchise owner whenever the situation warrants it. If new operations systems are developed, will the corporate company bring franchise owners back on site for updated training?  Does the franchisor offer extended development modules that allow franchise owners to hone their skills in specific areas?

Are any royalty payments used for specific training initiatives?

Many potential franchise owners are aware that royalty payments are often levied in order to help the parent company pay for a variety of expenses, including national marketing and advertising. However, some of these royalty payments may also be allocated to ongoing training. Ask you franchise representative to explain the training budget for the company in detail, and you may get an idea of what priority franchise owner support is for them.

What do other franchisees have to say about their training experiences?

Employees of the franchise company should be able to explain the training programs in detail to you, but it also helps to get a first-person account from someone has gone through the experience. Seek out reviews from your fellow franchisees, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them directly and inquire about their experiences.

What are the most significant problems most franchises face?

When franchise owners need support from the corporate company, what are the main reasons for it? This is a question that can have serious implications for your business because you are likely to encounter similar situations throughout your ownership journey. Learn what common issues you may face, and also how franchise owners work with the franchisor to resolve them.

Is there any assistance offered for choosing a site?

While some service franchise owners won’t even have to worry about selecting a site location, for many others (and of course, for retail franchises as well) this will be one of the most important decisions you make. If you are gong to be opening a physical office location, it’s worth asking the franchise representatives if they provide any assistance with the location selection process. They may have a list of preferred sites, cost analysis projections, or market research data that can help predict foot traffic levels.

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