There are a wide variety of residential service franchises that you can choose from, and maintenance service businesses are among the most popular because of their traditionally low overhead costs and the potential for steady growth. Mr. Handyman is a maintenance franchise that has earned accolades for its impeccable service, high-quality work, and outstanding growth opportunities.

Franchise History

Mr. Handyman began as an answer to a question that homeowners face all of the time: “Where can I find a reliable maintenance solution for a diverse array of problems, including both big and small jobs?” In response, Mr. Handyman employs a versatile group of maintenance professionals who pride themselves on doing the job the right way the first time.

The company was founded in 1996 in Chelmsford, MA, and it operated independently for a few years. Following an acquisition in 2000, the company began to issue franchise licenses. Mr. Handyman is now a part of the Dwyer Group, and its franchises have serviced approximately 1 million customers throughout North America.

Investment Range

If you are interested in opening a Mr. Handyman franchise, you should plan for a total investment between $106,500 and $138,100. All potential franchise opportunities are unique, and total investment costs will always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure ideal results for the franchisee, franchisor, and potential customers.

As you begin your journey towards becoming a Mr. Handyman franchise owner, you will meet with a Franchise Developer who will assess specific criteria and answer any questions you may have about your estimated investment costs. Some of the factors that may determine the total amount of your investment include:

  • Size, make-up, and distribution of the territory
  • Level of existing infrastructure
  • Amount of current business
  • Potential expansions

Typical Start-up Costs and Franchise Fees

The initial franchise fee for opening a Mr. Handyman location is $49,900. This fee grants you access to a nationally-recognized brand, use of all registered trademarks, a proprietary business model that will allow you to service your customers with excellence and efficiency, and much more.

Mr. Handyman is also proud to partner with VetFran, which is an initiative dedicated to increasing access to opportunities for small business ownership for our nation’s veterans. Veterans who have been honorably discharged and meet the requirements set forth by the VetFran program are eligible to receive a 15% discount off the normal franchise fee.

In terms of additional start-up costs, you may be able to utilize certain financing options in order to reduce your liquid capital commitment early in the process. These options include IRA accounts, small business loans, credit cards, 401k rollovers, etc.

Facts and Figures

For over 15 years, Mr. Handyman franchises have been helping homeowners in communities throughout North America, creating high-quality jobs for maintenance professionals, and allowing franchise owners to invest in opportunities for growth. Here are some additional facts that outline why Mr. Handyman is such a valuable franchise opportunity for many budding small business owners:

  • Mr. Handyman franchises are part of the service economy, the largest segment of the world economy
  • There are currently over 200 Mr. Handyman franchises in operation
  • The Mr. Handyman brand is seeking to expand to over 20 specific markets in the U.S., but opportunities are available in many other areas as well
  • Existing business owners may be ale to convert their operations to a Mr. Handyman franchise

Next Steps

If you’re considering a franchise investment or just have questions, feel free to contact one of our franchise specialists to learn more about the process and all the different franchise opportunities by completing our request form or calling 1-877-650-5551.