Annie McGreal
President, Francloud LLC.

Annie has over 20 years of experience in product development for enterprise solutions with 14 years of specific experience in the direct marketing industry. She has been a featured speaker at a bi-annual franchise national convention with over 1400 franchisees as well as at Franchise Business Networking meetings in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She is a leader in helping to develop effective lead generation and retention programs utilizing state-of-the art automated marketing solutions and technology for her clients. She is particularly effective in creating out-of-the-box customized solutions for each of her clients that meet the specific sales and marketing needs of that brand or organization from conception to completion. Her goal for each of her solutions is to allow for increased productivity and profitability as well as acquisition and retention success.

Prior to forming her new business, Annie was VP of Franchise Solutions and Business Development at V12 Group, a Senior Database Analyst and Product Manager at Dun & Bradstreet, Senior Confirmation Specialist at Long-Term Capital Management, Fixed and Equity Income Derivatives and VP of Operations at Lehman Brothers Special Financing, Fixed Income Derivatives Trading.